Why TopQM-Systems?

We are one of the leading providers with many years of experience in all facets of technical cleanliness. We draw our experience from a wide range of tasks and successfully completed projects related to technical cleanliness in many different industries. It is particularly the very high demands from the food industry – which we have acquired by introducing our TopQM Systems clients to HACCP, IFS (International Food Standard), and IFS logistics and servicing them accordingly – that have given us the necessary sensitivity for recognizing possible sources of contamination in other industries as well.


Reasons for TopQM Systems:

  • Practical project experience in technical cleanliness since 2003
  • A completely independent consultant that does not sell any additional products
  • Seminars and workshops that we offer either open to all or as in-house seminars
  • Operating around the world
  • Global TopQM network
  • Our own location in Beijing, China, where we also offer cleanliness analyses for the Asian market
  • A project and trainer team specializing in technical cleanliness, with a great degree of flexibility as a result
  • Multilingual project support and seminars (English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish...)

Our “Technical Cleanliness Test and Process Scheduling” Certificate Course

  •  Unique seminar concept
  • 2-day intensive seminar
  • Focused teaching on VDA 19.1, VDA 19.2, and ISO 16232
  • Practical examples and group work based on current projects
  • Positive participant feedback (proven by our seminar evaluations)
  • A recognized TopQM System certificate in your hand
  • Unbeatable cost-performance ratio (it pays to compare)

In short:

  • You will receive concentrated know-how on the topic of technical cleanliness
  • at a terrific price
  • You will save a lot of time spent in the classroom, since it will not be prolonged unnecessarily.
  • Seminars are offered in the national languages at many of your locations around the world.
  • The following clients have put their trust in TopQM Systems projects and seminars: BMW, Daimler, VW, Bosch, GETRAG, Opel, MAN, ZF, SKF, and many more...

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