ISO 16232 / VDA 19.1 Technical Cleanliness

ISO 16232, “Road Vehicles – Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuits,” is the international counterpart to VDA Vol. 19.1. The directive on VDA Vol. 19.1 contains the application and documentation conditions for determining the particle contamination of functionally relevant components in the automobile industry.

Contents of VDA Vol. 19.1

1       Scope of Application and Validity
2       Cleanliness Specification (Informative)
3       Selecting the Inspection Method (Informative)
4       Handling components cleanly
5       Qualification Tests and Blank Value
6       Extraction Method
7       Analysis Filtration
8       Analysis Method
9       Documentation
10     Interpretation and Reaction (Informative)
11     Work Safety and Protecion of the Environment
12     Lase Examples
13     Definitions, Abbreviations and Symbols

14     Industrial Alliance TecSa (Informative)


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