TopQM Basic Clean Check for Technical Cleanliness

Since 2003, TopQM Systems has been providing consultation and audits to automobile manufacturers and automotive supply companies around the world in the area of technical cleanliness. Based on many years of experience, TopQM Systems has not only devised its own audit checklist that has been proven in practice, but has also developed the “Basic Clean Check.” The Basic Clean Check is a means of recording the actual quantity taken, which is incorporated in the eight project phase model.
What do the 8 project phase model and Basic Clean Check have to offer?

  • Briefing on the requirements
  • Technical cleanliness audit from the moment goods are received until they are shipped
  • Placement of particle traps
  • Laboratory tests and status determination
  • Audit report
  • Recommendation for effective immediate measures
  • Employee training
  • Proof of effectiveness by means of new particle traps and laboratory study

The particle traps are analyzed at an external analysis laboratory accredited according to ISO IEC 17025. The cleanliness audit and particle trap analysis include:

  • A partial analysis with a report on the particles present
  • Particle traps with a graphic representation of the environmental conditions
  • Environmental monitoring by means of the “Illig value” sedimentation number
  • Particle stamp for analyzing defined areas
  • Decay measurements for defining analytical parameters

What benefits do you have from the Basic Clean Check?

  • Objective assessment of your cleanliness status
  • Audit results, including potential for improvement
  • Reduction in particle contaminants
  • Analytical results from a certified analytical laboratory
  • Reduction in the risk of contaminants
  • Increasing the cleanliness of your products
  • Sensitizing your employees

We work together with external test laboratories accredited according to ISO IEC 17025.
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