VDA 19.1 Technical Cleanliness Audits - worldwide

For many years, TopQM Systems has been auditing large car manufacturers and automotive supply companies around the world in the field of technical cleanliness according to ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1/ VDA 19.2 directives and ZVEI guidelines as well as customer-specific factory standards. Many large-scale OEMs and tier 1 companies have confidence in our long years of experience in the automobile industry.

Audits for technical cleanliness, cleanliness audits for short, are conducted to check that specific cleanliness requirements for component assemblies are being complied with. VDA Vol. 19.1 and VDA Vol. 19 part 2 form the basis for this. The cleanliness audit is employed for the purpose of ensuring quality – especially that of complex and sensitive components.

Technical Cleanliness – “Prevention Instead of Contamination”

Cleanliness requirements for technical components are becoming an increasingly significant and decisive quality characteristic. It is often not enough to merely fulfill the technical conditions, but also to include the entire

  • supply chain
  • assembly chain
  • and process chain

in the risk analysis as a preventive measure as well. Success in mastering processes with technical cleanliness requirements depends on recognizing sources of contamination and on systematic prevention work. It involves minimizing and preventing particle contaminants from these sources of contamination during

  • series planning
  • series production
  • assembly
  • and logistics.


We conduct on-site cleanliness audits around the world, at your location or at your suppliers. In particular, our qualified technical cleanliness experts are also on call in Asia.

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  • Operating around the world in various languages
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